calendar of events



1/7, Sunday:  Computer Club (Cliff Valley Way)

,1/26, Friday: Computer Club (Cobb)

1/27, Saturday:  Happy Tails; Leko·Music (Cliff Valley Way)
1/27, Saturday: Leko·Music and Care-ing Paws (Southside)


2/4, Saturday:  Sibshop - Sibling Group -@Bowlmor Atlanta
2/2, Friday: Computer Club (Cobb)

2/10, Saturday: Brewfest

2/11 Sunday: Leko-Pals Computer  (Cliff Valley Way)

2/21, Wednesday: Art/Sensory Day (Cobb)

2/24, Saturday: Leko·Music and Play Date (Gainesville)


3/4, Sunday:  Leko-Pals: Habima Theater

3/11, Sunday: Computer Club (Cliff Valley Way)
3/16, Friday: Computer Club (Cobb)

3/17, Saturday: Easter Egg Hunt (Cobb)

3/24, Saturday: Easter Egg Hunt (Southdside)


4/7, Saturday: Happy Tails (Cobb)

4/13, Friday: Computer Club (Cobb)

4/14, Saturday:  Happy Tails and LekoMusic (Cliff Valley Way)

4/15 Sunday: Leko-Pals Computer   (Cliff Valley Way)

4/18, Wednesday:  Computer Camp sign-up begins
4/21, Saturday: LekoMusic and Art Day (Southside)



5/5, Saturday:  Zoo Day

5/6, Sunday: Computer Club (Cliff Valley Way)

5/7, Monday:  Golf Tournament

5/11, Friday: Computer Club (Cobb)
5/12, Saturday: Fishing Trip
5/19, Saturday: Mom's Day Lunch (Southside Satellite)

5/20, Sunday: Leko-Pals Bowling

5/21, Monday: Play Date (Cobb)

5/22, Tuesday:  Mom's Night Out

5/31, Thursday: Noah's Ark (Southside)

Lekotek leaders at Braves game


6/2, Tuesday:  Southside Mom's Lunch Out

6/6, Saturday: INK Museum (Gainesville)

6/8, Friday:Computer Club (Cobb)
6/9, Saturday: Happy Tails and Leko·Music (Cobb)
6/9, Saturday:  Sibshop - Sibling Group

6/10, Sunday:  Computer Club (Cliff Valley Way)

6/11, Monday: Toy Adapting Workshop

6/15, Friday: Art/Sensory Day (Cobb)
6/18, Monday:  Play Date (Hippo Hopp)

6/23, Sunday: Rafting Experience (Cobb)


7/12-7/13, Thursday-Friday: Computer Camp Volunteer Training

7/16 - 7/19, Monday - Thursday:  Computer Camp
7/23 - 7/226, Monday - Thursday:  Computer Camp
7/27, Friday: Computer Club (Cobb)


8/4, Saturday:  Lekotek Run 4 Kids

8/12, Sunday: Computer Club (Cliff Valley Way)
8/17, Friday: Computer Club (Cobb)

8/25, Saturday: Leko·Music and Care-ing Paws (Southside)


9/7,Friday: Computer Club (Cobb)

9/8, Saturday:Leko·Music and Play Date (Gainesville)

9/8, Saturday: Picnic

9/9, Sunday:  Leko-Pals Computer (Cliff Valley Way)

9/22, Saturday: Sibshop - Sibling Group (Cliff Valley Way)


child plays with craft


10/5, Friday: Computer Club (Cobb)

10/6, Saturday: Family Fun Day at the Pumpkin Patch
10/7, Sunday: Computer Club (Cliff Valley Way)
10/8, Monday:  Play Date (Hippo Hopp)

10/27, Saturday: Halloween Party


, Saturday: Family Fun Day at The Rock Ranch (Southside Satellite)

11/4, Sunday: Leko-Pals Bowling
11/6 - 11/8, Monday - Wednesday: Silent Auction
11/9, Friday: Computer Club (Cobb)

11/10, Saturday: Happy Tails and LekoMusic (Cobb)
11/17, Saturday:  LekoMusic and Happy Tails (Cliff Valley Way)


12/8, Saturday:  Holiday Party

12/10: Monday: Toy Adapting Workshop

family enjoys Braves game